How Generating AI Avatars Works

Epic Avatar is a project which provides generating profile pictures based on photos you upload into it. But unlike some Instagram or Tiktok filters, it uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence magic to do so. Let me explain.

After uploading your photos the deep learning script working on our server with a powerful GPU (graphic processing unit) goes through them and creates an AI model which contains your facial and body features. But not only that. It understands that you like to wear striped clothes or a cap f.e. For that purpose, it needs you to choose 15 to 20 photos of you where you don’t wear sunglasses and the pictures are taken on different occasions from different angles so the model will be as accurate as possible.

Example of avatars

If you upload some photos where you are holding a cup or the wall behind you has some specific pattern the AI script may think that these settings are part of you too. We can’t do anything about it, but nonetheless, it generates very interesting results.

After we create the model we use a diffuser to generate unique never-seen-before pictures starring you in different settings and styles according to our inputs. Every photo will be an original. It’s not like we are “photoshopping” your face on some bodies. Your photos will be representations of you according to the artificial intelligence in different scenes.

Diagram of creating the image

That’s why I want to ask you one thing. Please lower your expectations and open your mind when you will be browsing your generated photos. Many of them will be borderline funny and weird, but we like to generate them and keep them as well because they enable us to have a glimpse into the AI’s mind. It’s a strange world we are living in. Epic Avatar invites you to be part of this futuristic experiment.

Begin your journey now!